Rewards and Scholarships Program


Department of Statistics, AUEB

The Statistics Department introduced a comprehensive scholarships program that includes the 4 following directions

ACTION 1: Rewarding our best undergraduate students

a.      The student holding the highest grade per year = 150€ Award

b.      The student holding the second higher grade per year –100€ Award

c.      The student holding the third higher grade per year –50€ Award 

d.      Rewarding our good and consistent undergraduate students, holding a grade of at least 7 (and having passed all courses of the running year) – A total Award of at least 15€ in the form of a present (for example, a book)

ACTION 2: Rewarding graduates for postgraduate studies

Exemption of postgraduate tuition fees

a.      Full exemption to AUEB Statistics department graduates with a grade > 8.5

b.      Partial exemption for prospective postgraduate students with a grade >8.0

ACTION 3: Rewarding the best Postgraduate Student

         Scholarship for PhD: Scholarship to the best postgraduate student with a grade > 8.5 for PhD studies (500€ per month for 3 years, a sum total of 18,000€)


a.      of PhD candidates (1,000€, every 2 years, based on student evaluations) 

b.      of temporary teaching staff, teachers by contract, or EDIP (1,000€, every 2 years, based on student evaluations).

The program will begin in the next academic year (2021-22)

Undergraduate awards aim in rewarding, but also in praising the students with the best performance, the ones that systematically follow their academic studies and gain good grades. The goal is for them to feel that the university, as well as the society itself, is close to them and recognizes their effort.

Exemption from the postgraduate fees is aimed at rewarding good students and empowering the postgraduate program with excellent students that will themselves affect their fellow students to reach for a better performance in their own studies.

PhD studies scholarships aims at the obvious, that PhD research should be compensated for (something that is the exemption and not the rule in Greek Universities, and is in contrast to the reality in Universities worldwide) and also to empower the Department’s research production, one that has always been remarkable with worldwide successes.

Finally, the teaching rewards aims at rewarding PhD candidates and temporary teaching staff (both categories consist of young researchers) that offer teaching work at the Greek University. Aside from the reward and the financial remuneration, an additional goal for this award is for them to feel that the university as well as the society and the business world is near them and recognizes their efforts and contributions to the Greek University.