Founded in 1920 as “Higher School of Commercial Sciences” the School focused on offering university level education in the fields of Economic Sciences and Business. In 1926 it is renamed to “Higher School of Economics and Commercial Sciences”, widely known in Greece and abroad by the acronym “ASOEE”. Until 1955 the School functioned as a three year studies with a single program. In 1955 the duration of study at the School is increased from three to four years; in the fourth year, studies were divided into two streams: Economics and Commercial Sciences. In 1970, the departments’ separation takes place in the second year of studies. In 1984 the School is divided in three departments, The Department of Economics, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Statistics and Informatics. The first postgraduate program in Economics started in 1979 while a similar program began in the Department of Business Administration in 1985.

In the Statistics Department there is a Postgraduate Program, as well as a PhD Program. 

The Postgraduate Program offers the following directions: 

You can find more information on the program's website.

Information on the department's PhD program can be found here.