Freshmen Seminars

Additional Activities for freshmen students: 

  • Introduction of the Department at the beginning of the first academic year
  • Excel Seminars (6 weeks * 2 hours) - More Information to be announced soon
  • Statistics Seminars aimed mostly at freshmen students. The Seminar Program for the 2023-24 academic year is this:
  1. October 10th - Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis "Fight or Flight?"
  2. October 24th - Panagiotis Besbeas: "Statistics in Life Sciences"
  3. November 7th - Stavros Vakeroudis: "From Possibilities to Stochastic Models: A journey to randomness"
  4. November 21st - Panagiotis Papastamoulis: "Sex, cigarettes, war and other statistics stories"
  5. November 28st - Athanasios Yiannacopoulos 
  6. December 5th - Dimitris Karlis: "Sports Analytics: when Statistics met Sports (and they lived happily ever after)