AUEB’s very first Double Degree Student!

Lara Nichetti is AUEB’s very first Double Degree Student! Lara is now finishing her Double M.Sc. Degree in Statistics & Finance, comprising two Degrees: a Master of Science in Statistics, from Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master of Science in Finance, from Università di Pavia.

Lara reported that she was quite excited and satisfied by her overall educational experience at AUEB: “One aspect I particularly appreciated was that the Professors assigned Projects and required us to submit reports. This provided me with the opportunity to dive deeper into the course material and learn effective time management. Moreover, the University organized many Seminars and Short Courses – the one I liked the most was the Short Course on Football Analytics; this is not because I like football, but, it was very interesting to see how Statistical Models can also be applied in this field”, Lara states among others.

However, it wasn’t just the University that Lara seems to have thoroughly enjoyed! “At the beginning I was scared to move to such a big city as Athens, since I come from a very small village, but, at the end, I must say that it was great … I felt like everyone was so calm and I love going for a freddo espresso after classes”.

Double Degrees constitute educational opportunities for state-of-the-art Double Degree Studies and cultural exchange and we could not have been more proud of such initiatives!

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