MSc in Applied Statistics

MSc in Applied Statistics


​The postgraduate program in applied statistics is to train postgraduate students to the following fields:

  1. Data Analysis
  2. Biostatistics
  3. Big Data and Computational Statistics
  4. Applied Probability

​In particular, the program aims at:

  1. Creating specialized scientists in fields compatible with the research activity, the respective specialization fields of the undergraduate program and with the department’s faculty.
  2. Educating senior executives of companies and organizations in the private and public sector in order to meet the needs of their specialized activities in data analysis.
  3. To internationally promoting the University and to develop collaborative networks with the international scientific community and the maximum possible activation within the framework of the opportunities offered at European and global level.
  4. Linking the educational process to the needs of the market and the economy in general.

The duration of the Program is five semesters, of which the 5th is dedicated to the thesis writing. Classes take place 2 afternoons per week. 

Course list:

​During the first, second and third semester there is a total of eight obligatory courses. In the third and fourth semester, there are four optional courses.

First Semester


Second Semester


Third Semester


Fourth Semester

​Four Optional Courses taken from the list below (15 ECTS in total)

​Optional Courses List

Fifth Semester

Thesis writing (30 ECTS)

You can find a short description of the courses here.

The programs regulation is here (in Greek).

​Proclamation for the academic year 2024-25.

Course and Exams program can be found here.

The study guide can be found here.


The Quality Assurance Policy of the Department of Statistics can be found here.