The Department of Economic Science has instituted the appointment of Study Advisors for the students of the Department. Students can apply to Study Counselors for the duration of their studies at the Department to inform and advise them on issues related to their studies, as well as the opportunities that exist after completing their studies for postgraduate studies or for a career in the private or public sector.

In particular, the Study Advisor informs, discusses and advises students about:

-the structure of the curriculum and the content of the courses so that they are aware of topics such as prerequisite courses, knowledge required to attend specific courses,

-attending tutorials, participating in tutorials and workshops, aiming at a better understanding and successful participation in exams,

-the content of courses aimed at selecting the courses closest to the student's personal and academic interests,

-examination results,

-the continuation of studies at postgraduate level, both in Greece and abroad,

-professional prospects and their interconnection with the labor market during their studies (internship) but also after study completion,

-Other matters that may be related to or affect their studies.

In the beginning of the academic year, the General Assembly of the Department appoints the Study Advisors: For the academic year 2023-2024 the appointed Study Advisors are:  Ioannis Dendramis, Evangelos Dioikitopoulos, Εfthymia Κyriakopoulou.