Research Laboratories

The Department has five (5) research laboratories, each of which supports the research priorities and initiatives of the Department, contributes where possible to meet the teaching needs of the Department and its subject is directly related to the streams or the subject areas of Department.

The research laboratories of the Department are:

Management Science Laboratory - MSL


Director: Professor Georgios Ioannou

The Management Science Laboratory (MSL) is now a leading ISO-certified research center in Europe, conducting research and advisory work in the areas of quantitative analysis, modeling and optimization methods, operations and supply chain management, transportation and logistics, financial engineering, business transformation and strategy, innovation and knowledge management, entrepreneurship, and human resources management.

With a core team of over 30 researchers (about half of them doctoral students), working on many projects funded from the corporate sector, the European Commission, and National Funding Agencies, equipped with state of the art facilities including decision technology software, ERP systems, and with an active visiting faculty program and a truly international network of partnerships, MSL has created a unique reservoir of expertise in the shape of its four Research Centers:

  1. InnKnow: Innovation and Knowledge Management Center, headed by Klas-Eric Soderquist
  2. OPeR: Operations Management and ERP Systems Center, headed by George Ioannou
  3. FRC: Financial Engineering Research Center, headed by Apostolos Refenes
  4. ORDeS: Operations Research and Decision Systems Center, headed by Christos Tarantilis
  5. Translog: Transportation Systems and Logistics Center, headed by Konstantinos Androutsopoulos

Laboratory of Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business - ELTRUN


Director: Professor Katerina Pramatari

The laboratory serves teaching and research needs in the field of "Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business" and in particular electronic commerce technologies / systems / e-business models, collaborative electronic commerce (e-invoicing), electronic payment systems and electronic banking, mobile e-business, digital marketing and social networks, adoption of e-business, social dimension of e-business technologies / systems / models fodiastikis chain, digital innovation and entrepreneurship, personalized digital services, usability analysis systems, comprehensive retail business and e-business, multichannel commerce technologies, digital transformation, e-government, digital business models.

ELTRUN consists of five research groups that operate as independent, but strongly consolidated units:

  1. AID (Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation)
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Georgios Doukidis
  2. ADOPT (Advanced Manufacturing & Optimisation) 
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Ioannis Mourtos
  3. DIMER (DIgital Marketing and Electronic Retailing)
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Adam Vrechopoulos
  4. DAG (Data Analytics Group)
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Georgios Lekakos
  5. INTENT (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group)
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Katerina Pramatari

Business Analytics Laboratory - BALab


Director: Professor Diomidis Spinellis

The laboratory was created to serve teaching and research needs in the field of "Business Analytics" and in particular in the following areas, with emphasis on the needs of all types of agencies:

  • Methods, technologies and applications of collection, processing, representation, modeling and data analysis.
  • Software applications and data analysis related to the subject of the laboratory.
  • Data analysis systems and data analysis applications in the development and operation of any systems.
  • Methods, technologies and applications of large scale optimization problem virtualization and solving.

    IManagement of formation Systems and Technologies Laboratory - ISTLab


    Director: Professor Angeliki Poulymenakou

    The laboratory serves research and educational needs in the fields of: Information Systems Management, Management Technologies, Intra-Operational and Inter-Operational Information Systems, Electronic Learning, Enterprise and Business Process Measurement, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Digital Entrepreneurship, Influence of Information Systems on Socio-Economic Development.

    ISTLab consists of three federated research groups:

    1. IRIS: Interdisciplinary Research on the Information Society, headed by Nancy Pouloudi
    2. OIS: Organizational Information Systems, headed by Angeliki Poulymenakou
    3. WRC: Wireless Research Center, headed by George Giaglis

    Laboratory of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship


    Director: Professor Ioannis Nikolaou

    The laboratory serves teaching and research needs in the field of "Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship" and in particular in the following cognitive subjects:

    • Management-Business Administration
    • Business Strategy
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organizational Behavior - Leadership
    • Organizational Psychology