Identity of the Department

The Department of Management Science and Technology was founded in May 1999 and the first students enrolled in the academic year 2000-2001. Some of the key differentiation points of the Department are the following:

  • It is unique in its specialization in Greece, combining modern management science with computer and communication technologies and organizational studies.

  • 170 new students are enrolled each year, all highly ranked at the entrance exams

  • It has 22 faculty members, of which 40% hold a PhD from the top 20 universities in the world. The scientific staff has a strong presence in academia worldwide, having achieved international recognition, and having taught at leading universities such as Wharton, LSE, LBS, etc.

  • The curriculum is based on a well-organized, technocratic approach. It is internationally oriented (various visiting professors coming to teach every year, collaborations with leading universities are active within its undergraduate, postgraduate and research program).

  • It focuses on research and development, with more than 25 international research collaboration projects with leading universities and research centers around the world and over 60 doctoral students.

  • It boasts 5 excellently equipped research laboratories where 60 researchers are currently employed. It also operates 1 educational laboratory with 72 workstations in total.

  • It runs, independently and in collaboration with other Departments,seven (7) high-level graduate programs full–time and part-time, i.e., executive programs for working professionals.

  • Both the ease with which its alumni pursue postgraduate studies at top-notch universities around the world and the number of papers published by its researchers in peer-reviewed journals attest to the advanced level of studies offered; several PhD holders of this Department already teach at universities in Greece and abroad.