PhD Candidates

Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Avgerinos Ioannis
I. Mourtos Combinatorics: Methods and Applications
Vareias Anastasios
Ch. Tarantilis Operations Research
Vasilakis Nikolaos-Dimitrios
N Pouloudi Information Systems in Healthcare
Vatikiotis Stavros
I. Mourtos Combined Optimization in Industry
Vafiadis Charalampos
G. Ioannou Enterprise Resource Planning in Greece
Gavalas Leon
K. Pramatari Evaluation of e-services and Consumer Behavior
Gaitanarou Afrodite
I. Nikolaou Social Networking Websites in Personnel Recruitment and Selection
Georgoula Ifigeneia
G. Giaglis Social and Economic Networks
Gkika Sofia
G. Lekakos Models providing personalized electronic services
Gkortzis Antonios
D. Spinellis Secure Systems on Cloud Computing Infrastructures
Despotidou Evaggelia
K. Pramatari Professionalism as a Critical Success Factor for Start-up Success: The VC Perspective
Dimitriou Ioannis
G. Lekakos Human Computer Communication and User Experience
Diakanastasi Elli
G. Doukidis

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Dologlou Maria
I. Nikolaou Special Approaches to Leadership
Dritsa Konstantina
P. Louridas Data Science
Kamaras Nikolaos
K. Androutsopoulos

Optimizing dangerous load distribution systems

Karagounis Konstantinos
I. Nikolaou Morality, passion and speech as determinants of authentic and moral leadership
Karaiskakis Ioannis
G. Giaglis Bitcoin and blockchain applications with emphasis in the area of fintech
Karouti Eleni
K. Androutsopoulos Analysis and Design of Emergency Management Systems
Kasapidis Grigoris
Ch. Tarantilis Algorithmic Operations Research
Katiaj Pavlina
N. Pouloudi
Katsikis Ioannis
I. Spanos Strategic Management, Innovation Dynamics and Coevolutionary Processes
Korkou Efstathis
A. Refenes Computational Finance
Koukopoulos Anastasios
A. Vrechopoulos Digital Technologies and Integrated Marketing Communications
Kousina Ellisavet
I. Voudouris Leadership and Organizational Learning
Kravvaritis Konstantinos
D. Spinellis Data and Quality Metrics of System Configuration Code
Kranias Athanasios
A. Refenes Financial Engineering
Kostaki Aggeliki
A. Poulymenakou E-Government and Administrative Reform
Kotti Zoe
D. Spinellis Data Analysis Applications in Software Engineering
Maitos Konstantinos
A. Refenes
Makris Dimitris
E. Soderquist Innovation Praxis: Organisation, processes, and culture
Manou Olga
G. Giaglis Social Network Analysis
Metzidakis Theocharis
E. Kritikos Math-heuristic Approaches to the Vehicle Routing Problem
Baloutsos Efstratios
G. Doukidis Exploring drivers for innovation in nascent entrepreneurship within the context of Open Innovation
Blanas Orestis
G. Ioannou
Nikolakakis Stylianos
G. Ioannou Computational Methods in Delivery and Time Scheduling Problems
Douroutzi Argiro
I. Spanos Innovation and Competitiveness before and after the crisis
Xanthopoulos Christos-Georgios
E. Kritikos
Xepapadeas Peter
I. Mourtos Operational Research Mathematics
Petropoulos Theodoros
G. Lekakos Big Data and Business Strategy
Pitsiou Katerina
I. Spanos Competitiveness and Innovation
Politarchos Ilias
K. Pramatari Assessment of the impact of information systems
Roussos Antonios
N. Pouloudi Leadership and efficiency of HRM
Samaris Michael
I. Mourtos
Sarantopoulos Dimitrios
G. Ioannou Operations Management
Sitokonstantinou Vasileios
K. Androutsopoulos Mathematical Models and Algorithms for the Strategic Planning of the Air Transport System
Skiada Marianna
G. Lekakos
Sofikitis Emmanouil
P. Dimitratos Foreign operation modes of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Sfakianaki Emmanouela
A. Vrechopoulos
Syrigou Krystallia
E. Soderquist Service Quality Management: the case of the Greece luxury hotel industry
Sotiropoulos Theodoros
D. Spinellis Techniques for Improving the Reliability of the Event-Driven Programs
Tzelatis Panagiotis-Dimitrios
D. Chatziantoniou Data Virtualization
Trachana Theodora
K. Pramatari Data Analysis in the Supply and Demand Chain
Tsagdi Georgia
S. Lioukas Governance, Strategy and Efficiency of Public Sector Entities
Tsoni Evdokia
I. Nikolaou Social Networking Websites and Attracting Personnel Selection
Farmakis Timoleon
K. Pramatari Business Analytics for Transport, Manufacturing and Retail
Feloutzis Nikolaos
G. Lekakos The Digital Transformation of the Financial Sector (Fintech)
Fragos Christos
E. Soderquist Innovation, Information Systems and Public Services
Chronaki Vasiliki
K. Pramatari Development of Nascent Entrepreneurship in the Technology Sector
Chrysohoou Anastasios
G. Ioannou Gas storage and decision making, on game theory basis
Averbach Panagiotis
E. Kritikos Quantitative standards and methods in comparative evaluation of returns