Alumni Associations

DMST Alumni


The Alumni Association of the Department of Management Science and Technology (DMST Alumni) was founded in February 2005 to develop strong ties among its members. Its main goal is the continuous organizing and management of the mutual support of students and alumni of the Department from the date of registration so as to create a community-family that will work, so the old will help the younger and the young the older. This goal is achieved through the use of advanced skills, techniques and technologies.

Vision of the Association is to create a strong sense of common identity among all members of the community of DMST. It also boasts many activities, including help in job placement of graduates and organizes numerous events, conferences and seminars.

To support the increasing number of graduates continues either studies either career abroad, has created "Annex" of the organization in England that serves those who live abroad and inform those who live in Greece and wish to go abroad.

i-MBA Alumni Association


The Student-Alumni Association of the Graduate Program MBA International (I-MBA Alumni) was created in 2002.

I-MBAlumni actively pursues the constant expansion of its member base and the development of strong liaisons between fellow graduates, companies and the University.

Furthermore, it aims at establishing a well-known "brand name" for the Alumni Association that will closely cooperate with the programme within the framework of activities of mutual interest and concern. It consists of alumni that are willing to participate, provide assistance and contribute to our Association’s activities, committees, meetings and organization of various events.

The I-MBAlumni website acts as the central point for all fellow graduates, offering great networking tools to active members of the Association.

I-MBAlumni has a flexible organisation structure and is managed and coordinated by 7 members (5 regular and 2 deputy) that belong to the Management Board, which is elected by the General Assembly every year. The Board runs under an open-door policy, leaving ample room for active participation and suggestions from all its members.

Human Resources (HR) Society


The Alumni Association of the Master in Human Resource Management - HR Society - founded in 2005 at the initiative of the first graduates of full and part time Master of Human Resource Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business. The association currently counts 131 members. The vision of the Alumni Association HR Society is to create and maintain a sense of identity and unity of the graduates of the Master Program by maintaining open channels of communication between the University, labor market and society.

The aims of the Association is the scientific and professional advancement of members of the Association, to protect and enforce their professional interests of members of the Association and to improve terms of exercising their profession. Furthermore, it aims to offer services of members of the Association within their capabilities to the Athens University of Economics and Business to enhance teaching and research work and to promote and foster Human Resource Management in Greece within the framework of scientific competence and ability them. Finally, the purpose of the Association is the organization of any event (holiday etc) related to developing and strengthening the relations between members.

The Mission of the Association is to develop and maintain a professional code of ethics, in the establishment of committees and working groups to investigate any matter relevant to the purposes of the Association,  in cooperation of the Association with their respective graduates Associations, organizing lectures, seminars and conferences at national and international level on human resources management, the realization of studies, publications and research on HRM and cooperation with individuals and other associations, institutions, corporations, government agencies etc. in Greece and abroad to promote the goals of the Association.