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The Department of Management Science and Technology was founded in May 1999. The study program of the Department aims at developing graduates with strong analytical skills, technological background and knowledge that will enable them to shape business decisions and participate in business strategies and implementing business organization plans based on the impact of new technologies within the new global business environment.

The focus of the program is on: Management Science, e-Business, Supply Chain and Transport Management, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Information Systems Management, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Financial Engineering, Knowledge Management, Operations Management.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department of Management Science and Technology offers the MSc in Management Science and Technology (full and part time), the MSc in Business Analytics (full and part time), MBA International (full and part time in English), the Executive MBA, the MSc in Public Policy and Management (part time) and a Doctoral Program in Management Science and Technology. Also, the Department supports the MSc Program in Human Resources Management (full and part time) and the MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (full and part time in English). Finally, there is the a Professional Master's Program titled "Digital Transformation", which is a collaboration between the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Department of Management Science and Technology in partnership with Eurobank Group, which is the funding entity.