13rd DMST Student Conference

Innovation and Modern Entrepreneurship  Forms

The annual DMST Student Conference has become an important forum of young researchers in the cognitive areas of Management Science and Technology.

In particular, the 13th DMST Student Conference on "Innovation and Modern Entrepreneurship Forms", aims at a nationwide scientific meeting of new faculty members, doctoral students, young researchers and undergraduate / graduate students in order to present and discuss issues related to modern trends of Management Science and Technology and their contribution to the sustainability and development of innovative business actions.

The conference will be held on 12nd May 2016, to the Greek Management Association conference center, while the deadline for submission of abstracts (abstract of 500 words or full article 3000-5000 words) is 02/04/2016. More information can be found in the call for abstracts Call for Papers or the http://fsdet.dmst.aueb.gr conference site.