International Marketing Trends Conference

13th International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice (Italy) - Call for papers

Ακολουθούν οδηγίες στα αγγλικά σχετικά με τις ημερομηνίες για την υποβολή άρθρων. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για το Συνέδριο, στην ιστοθέση:

The deadlines are indicated hereunder:

April, 16th 2013: intention to submit a paper via website at

May 3rd 2013: intention acceptance by Scientific Committee

September 8th 2013: submission of papers via website at

October 22nd 2013: notification, readers comments back to the authors

November 24th 2013: final papers and registration on website

January 24th – 25th 2014: 10th International Marketing Trends Conference, in Venice

The papers are expected to be approx. 30,000 signs and can be written in the following languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese or Spanish. All kinds of publications are accepted,

including scientific papers, fundamental articles, art statements, experience account and forums.

The papers will go through a thorough selection procedure, which will be ensured by the congress Scientific Committee of the Conferences. The papers will be evaluated through a double blind review process. The selection will be made on the basis of the publication rules of the major Marketing research reviews, and will be done in line with the past experience of the congress, however seeking to preserve the diversity of the various points of view. The acceptance of a paper implies that at least one of the authors must attend the Conference and present the paper.