A. Identity of the EMOP
EMOP was founded in 1991 by a group of economists, professors of universities in Greece and abroad. It started as a non-profit research Institute and then joined the Economics Department of Economics and Business. 
The main objective remains to contribute, through research programs, conferences, seminars, debates, articles, books and magazines in an effort to better economic policy in our country.
EMOP has developed a network of research activities which are connected to some leading Greek economists abroad. Fifty economists from universities and other institutions in Greece and abroad are Research Partners. 
 B. Goals and Objectives of the EMOP
The goal of EMOP is to promote research on economic policy and institutional organization of the economy and the active participation of members of the relevant debate, based on the methods, tools and conclusions of modern economic analysis. Among its primary purposes is also the promotion of cooperation between Greek economists and their colleagues abroad.
For more information please visit the website at https://www.dept.aueb.gr/imop