Conferment of Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’ on Professor Robert J. Barro

The Athens University of Economics and Business organized on Wednesday 8 June 2022 at 18:00, in the Amphitheater “Leonidas Zervas” of the National Research Foundation in Athens, the award ceremony of an Honorary Doctorate of the Department of Economics, of the School of Economics, to Professor,


The event began with addresses by the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitrios Bourantonis, and the Chairman of the Department of Economics, Professor George Alogoskoufis. This was followed by the presentation of the work of Professor Robert J. Barro by Evangelos Vassilatos, Professor in the Department of Economics, and the ceremony for the conferment of the Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’.

The award ceremony concluded with a lecture by Professor Barro on The Return of Inflatiion

Robert J. Barro is Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics at Harvard University, a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He has a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and a B.S. in physics from Caltech.

Barro is co-editor of Harvard’s Quarterly Journal of Economics and has been President of the Western Economic Association and Vice President of the American Economic Association.

He was a viewpoint columnist for Business Week from 1998 to 2006 and a contributing editor of The Wall Street Journal from 1991 to 1998. He has written extensively on macroeconomics and economic growth.

Recent research involves rare macroeconomic disasters, corporate tax reform, religion & economy, empirical determinants of economic growth, and economic effects of public debt and budget deficits. Recent books include Religion and Economy (with Rachel McCleary), Economic Growth (2nd edition, with Xavier Sala-i-Martin), Nothing Is Sacred: Economic Ideas for the New MillenniumDeterminants of Economic Growth, and Getting It Right: Markets and Choices in a Free Society.