The superior administrative body of the Department is the General Assembly, which consists of all resident faculty members, one representative of Special Technical Laboratorial Staff and student representatives.

Bodies of the Department are also:

Head of the Department:  Professor Evangelos Vassilatos
Vice Chairman:  Professor Elias Tzavalis
Secretariat:  Flora Sigourou


Former Heads of the Department of Economics

Academic Years Head
2020-2021 until 2021-2022 Professor Georgios Alogoskoufis
2015-2016 until 2019-2020 Professor Helen Louri-Dendrinou
2011-2012 until 2014-2015 Professor Yannis Katsoulacos
2007-2008 until 2010-2011 Professor Nikolaos Vettas
2003-2004 until 2006-2007 Professor George Bitros
1999-2000 until 2002-2003 Professor Nicholas Baltas
1995-1996 until 1998-1999 Professor Theodore Lianos
1990-1991 until 1994-1995 Professor Kyprianos Prodromidis †
1984-1985 until 1989-1990 Professor Georgios Christou