Current PhD Dissertations

PhD Student Dissertation Title
Baltas Alexandros Applied Artificial Intelligence for the Optimisation of Freight Transprtation and Product Distribution Networks.
Blika Paraskevi-Aikaterini How top management team influence the adoption and implementation of HR practices.
Chousmekeridou Rafalia-Fotini HR Analytics, Operational Performance and Business Outcomes.
Gaidatzis Athanasios A Neuromarketing investigation of the Impact of Environmental Stimuli on Consumer Behavior
Hadzi Anastasia-Klio The role of High-Quality Connections (HQC) in creating Team Resilience and Performance.
Lazanaki Vera Antecedents and Consequences of Interpersona conflict at workplace: a diary study.
Mavraki Evangelia-Zoi Exploring Market-Driven and Market-Driving Strategies. 
Metaxas Anagnostis-Alexandros Brand Equity and Valuation: Relevance, Suitability and Effect.
Ntzoumanika Paraskevi E-Servicescapes and the Customer Experience: Antecedents and Consequences.
Papadimitriou Evangelia How Green Strategies Influence Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Absorptive Capacity and Managerial Cognition.
Pavlakou Evgenia The Positive Organizational Behavior and the Education in Behavioural Skills.
Sampanis Sotirios Behavioral Pricing in the Services Sector.
Sardi Polixeni The Impact of Resilience in Consumer Behavior.
Tamiolakis Georgios  Status-seeking behavior via an evolutionary framework.
Tsachali Marilia Collective Learning Processes as a Means for Developing Sense of Coherence.
Zografou Eirini Human Resources Management in Tourism SMEs.