Doctoral Program

The Program of Doctoral Studies of the Department of Marketing and Communication offers PhD studies in the main scientific fields of the Department, but also in related scientific areas that are taught by the Department. Its graduates possess strong qualifications for a distinguished career in Greece or abroad.

The program is addressed to holders of recognized postgraduate degrees in the scientific fields of the Department, or in the broader fields of management science and economic science. It is a full-time program that requires a high level of commitment by the students, and includes both specialized courses and the preparation of a PhD dissertation.

The Program of Doctoral Studies leads to the acquisition of a PhD Diploma, which is the highest degree a university can offer. The program accepts a handful of highly qualified and goal-oriented students every year.

We aspire to attract the best new researchers and offer them the best possible training and academic education.

The following link shows the Phd dissertations that are currently in progress in the department