International Monetary Economics

Course Code: 
Specialization Courses
A. International Economics and Finance

Type of course:  Compulsory for Specialization “International economics and finance”

Number of credits allocated: 6 ECTS Credits

Objective of the course

Understanding international economic  and monetary relations, deepending in external relations of the economy from the  point of view of macroeconomics

Prerequisites: None

Course contents

  • monetary relations in the open economy
  • exchange rates and fundamentals, expectations
  • optimizing models of the current account
  • monetary and fiscal policy in the open economy
  • external debt and sustainability

Recommended reading

  • S. Kalyvitis and I. Vlachaki, “International Monetary and Open Economy Macroeconomics, Gutenberg editions 2011 (in greek).
  • McConnell C.R., Brue S.L. και Flynn S. “Economics: Principles, Problems and Policies”, (20th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2014).

Teaching methods: Lectures

Assessment methods: Final written exam (100%)

Language of instruction: Greek