Undergraduate Studies

The Department’s Undergraduate Programme trains students to be employed at both public and private sector institutions that deal with international economic and EU relations.
The Department’s program of studies was revised in 2010. Accordingly, students admitted to the Department in the academic year 2010-2011 or after must complete at least 40 courses in order to receive a degree.
The Undergraduate Programme offers both required and elective courses. All students must pass certain required courses, which cover topics in economics, basic quantitative methods of analysis (e.g., Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics), and related social science disciplines, such as law and political science. Some of these courses aim at providing students with general knowledge and skills in the field of economics, while other courses focus on more specialised topics of European integration.

In addition to the required courses, students can choose, based on their personal interests, from a number of elective courses available at the university. Elective courses are taken during the third and fourth years of study and cover more specialised topics in the fields of economics and social sciences. They are distributed between the department’s two specializations (see below), and are offered not only by DIEES, but also by other departments of the university.