Room A34

Director of Εurolab:  Spyros Blavoukos

The Department of International and European Economic Studies hosts a computer laboratory (EUROLAB), equipped with more than 25 state-of-the-art personal computers, 22” TFT computer screens, laser printers, and a scanner.

The EUROLAB is open five days a week. The department’s students and faculty members enjoy exclusive access to the services provided by the laboratory.

The EUROLAB offers students the opportunity to work on their class assignments at the University and facilitates close collaboration with the teaching staff. Students have access to Internet services and computer software to collect and process data that is relevant to their studies and research. Faculty members can also search for specialised information from databases provided by the EUROLAB. 

The laboratory also holds short courses that are organised in small groups and aim at developing students’ skills in using computer programmes (e.g. Word, Excel, SPSS, R).

Contact us

Name  Phone e-mail
Glynou Ekaterini (Specialised Technical and Scientific Staff) 210- 8203 137
Roussos Antonis 210- 8203 125

*The last three digits of the telephone numbers (in bold) is the internal extension