Course Code: 
Compulsory Courses

Number of credits allocated: 6 ECTS Credits

Objective of the course (expected learning outcomes and competences to be acquired)

The goal of the course is to introduce the student to the basic concepts of finance. Specific topics to be covered include the concept of the time value of money, the Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payback Period (PP) and Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) and its application to the capital budgeting investments. Finally, will analyze the basic portfolio theory and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), market efficiency, dividends policy, debt policy, and the valuation of basic financial securities (common stock, bonds).

Course contents

The following list provides the areas that will be covered within the course:

  1. Introduction –to Finance
  2. Time value of money-Present values
  3. Project evaluation. NPV, IRR, PP, ARR
  4. Capital Budgeting techniques
  5. Special Capital Budgeting problems
  6. Government Bond pricing
  7. Risk and return, mean-variance efficient portfolios
  8. Capital Asset Pricing Model
  9. Dividend policy
  10. Efficient Markets

Recommended reading

  • Βασιλείου, Ηρειώτης, Χρηματοοικονομική Διοίκηση, Θεωρία και Πρακτική, 1η Έκδοση, Rosili.
  • Brealy and Mayers, Principles of Corporate Finance, 7th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2009.

Teaching methods: Lectures and Tutorials

Assessment methods: Midterm Exam (40%), Exercises (15%), Final Exam (45%).

Language of instruction: Greek