External Relations of the EU

Course Code: 
Specialization Courses
B. International and European Political Economy

Type of course: Compulsory for the specialization “International and European Political Economy”

Number of credits allocated: 6 ECTS Credits

Objective of the course 

Understanding of the key institutional and political actors and processes in the formation of the EU foreign policy

Analysis of the EU relations with countries, international organizations, and regions

Familiarization with the external aspects of sectoral EU policies.

Prerequisites: None

Course contents

  1. Institutional and political framework of the EU external relations system:
  2. Lisbon Treaty, EU External Action Service, diplomatic system of the EU
  3. Bilateral and multilateral relations of the EU with:
  4. Countries (USA, BRIC) International irganizations (UN, WTO, IMF)
  5. Regions and regional organizations (ASEAN,MERCOSUR, AU)
  6. Horizontal and sectoral policies:
  7. Security and defence
  8. Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy
  9. Energy and Environmental Policies
  10. Migration Policy
  11. International Aid and Development

Recommended reading

  • Material available at the e-class: articles and relevant policy documents
  • Student presentations

Teaching methods: Lectures, seminars.

Assessment methods:  Final written exam (70%), optional assignments and presentations

Language of instruction: Greek