Comparative Politics and Government

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Specialization Courses
B. International and European Political Economy

TYPE OF COURSE : Compulsory for the specialization “International and European Political Economy”

Number of credits allocated: 6 ECTS Credits

Objective of the course (expected learning outcomes and competences to be acquired

Understanding basic concepts of political science in the field of comparative politics and government.

Employing these concepts in the analysis and understanding of contemporary social, political and economic phenomena, with an emphasis on developed liberal democracies.

Comparing and evaluating different systems of organization of politics and governance in contemporary states.

Prerequisites: None

Course contents

STATES AND REGIMES: Democracy – Authoritarian rule. POLITICAL MOBILIZATION: Political culture – Political communication – Political participation – Elections and voters – Political parties – Interest groups. GOVERNMENT AND GOVERNANCE: Multilevel governance. PUBLIC POLICY: Policy making – Political economy.

Recommended reading

  • R. Hague and M. Harrop, Comparative Government and Politics: An Introduction, Palgrave Macmillan.  
  • M.G. Roskin et al., Political Science: An Introduction, London, Pearson.

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

Final written exam (100%). Active participation in class will also be taken into account.

Language of instruction : Greek