The Department of Accounting & Finance at Athens University of Economics and Business is a new Department, established in the academic year 1999-2000 and operates with co-financing from the Ministry of Education and the European Union since its founding. The Department has had a great impact on the candidates of Higher Education. The mission of the Department is the promotion of knowledge and research in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance.

The curriculum of the Department of Accounting & Finance is equal to the respective programs of the best universities abroad, adapted to the Greek requirements and aims at meeting the professional needs of the accounting and financial sector of the country.

The purpose of the study program is to offer students:

Knowledge of the most current trends prevailing in the scientific field of Accounting and Finance

Familiarity with IT tools for their constant updating and monitoring of the rapidly changing areas of Accounting and Finance

Cultivation of knowledge in the fields of applied accounting and financial analysis both in Greece and Internationally

The study program of the Department offers specialized knowledge in the fields of Accounting & Finance. In particular, the program provides thorough training of students in matters related to the financial operation as well as the organization and operation of the accounting and auditing services of companies. In addition, the students of the Department acquire specialized knowledge related to the operation of the various credit institutions as well as money and capital markets.

The courses of the study program of the Department are divided into foundation courses (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semester) and direction-concentration courses (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semester). The foundation courses of the program include subjects such as: Marketing, Management, Mathematics - Statistics, Computer Science, Business Law, etc. These courses provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical applications for a more complete understanding of the business environment.

The direction courses offer cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance, perfectly connect theory with practice and give the student the opportunity to deepen in the respective fields.

To obtain a degree in the Department of Accounting & Finance, a successful examination in forty (40) courses is required.

From the 5th semester, the study program proposes two directions: Accounting and Finance. In both Accounting and Finance the compulsory courses are ten (10) and the electives seven (7)

All courses of the study program are taught 4 hours per week.

The grading scale ranges from 0 to 10, including half points, with the following characterizations:

5 - 6.5 Good

6.51 - 8.5 Very Good

8.51 - 10 Excellent

The registration period is announced every year by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religion. At the beginning of each semester, students submit to the Department Secretariat, within the deadlines set by each Department in collaboration with the University Undergraduate Studies Committee, a form which includes the courses of the study program they wish to attend during the specific academic semester. Students have the right to be examined only in the courses stated in this form, in the two examination periods corresponding to the academic year. After the submission deadline, no application is accepted. Having completed their course registration, students may also collect the textbooks of the courses they are registering for the first time.

Each semester, students can register for as many courses as those provided for the respective semester in the study program including three (3) additional courses. Specifically, for the seventh and eighth semesters students can register for as many courses as those provided for the respective semester in the study program, including five (5) additional courses. In case a student is successful in passing a course that he/she did not declare in his/her form, then his/her grade is canceled.