Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories are a key focus of research conducted at the Athens University of Economics and Business. They aim to develop a high level of research and increase the knowledge created by research teams with common or complementary research interests. Also, the Research Laboratories contribute on the one hand to the creation of an attractive academic environment with synergies with the other laboratories and on the other hand to the elaboration of high quality doctoral dissertations, as well as to the research promotion of new faculty members with high qualifications. Each Laboratory belongs to and operates in a specific Department of the school, supports the research priorities and initiatives of the Department (or Departments where the members of the Laboratory belong), contributes as much as possible to the teaching needs of the Department and its subject is directly related to the directions or cognitive objects of the Department.

Today, the following research laboratories operate in the School of Business Administration:

Department of Business Administration

  1. Business Informatics Laboratory (BILab)
  2. Lab of Business Strategy (LBS)
  3. Market and Consumer Behavior Analysis Laboratory (Agora)
  4. Management Laboratory
  5. Interdisciplinary Laboratory in Accounting Studies, Financial Management, and Economic and Financial Law

Department of Marketing and Comunication

  1. Business Communication Lab (BCLab)
  2. Marketing Laboratory
  3. Human Resource Management Lab (HRMLab)

Department of Accounting and Finance

  1. Accounting Laboratory (AISLab)
  2. Laboratory for Applied Finance (FinLab)
  3. Business Analysis and Valuation Laboratory
  4. Behavioral Finance Laboratory (BeFin) 
  5. International Shipping, Finance and Management Laboratory (ISFM Lab)

Department of Management Science and Technology

  1. Management Science Laboratory (MSL)
  2. Laboratory of Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business (ELTRUN)
  3. Business Analytics Laboratory (BALab)
  4. Management of Information Systems and Technologie Laboratory (ISTLab)
  5. Laboratory of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneuship