The Department of Business Administration, in the context of Article 64 of the University’s Internal Regulation, has introduced the Student Academic Advisor, for each of the four specializations (majors) or subject areas offered..

The main role of the Student Academic Advisor is initially to facilitate the transition of students from secondary education to University and then to guide them through, so that each student enjoys a successful and fulfilling academic experience.. That is, the Student Academic Advisor is the competent person to inform, discuss and advise students during their studies. In more detail, the Student Academic Advisor may deal with student issues related to:

  1. the structure of the curriculum and the content of the courses offered, the list of compulsory and optional courses for each specialization, as well as the prerequisite knowledge for attending specific courses,
  2. the selection of a portfolio of courses, based on the personal, academic and professional interests of each student,
  3. the tutorials, workshops, mid-term tests and course assignments that may be organized at each course,
  4. providing advice on how to develop an effective learning approach, taking into account the particular needs and circumstances of the student, in order to maximize the learning outcomes and fulfill all exam requirements,
  5. discussing any problems or issues that may arise, which may affect or hinder the learning process of the student,
  6. connecting students with the labor market through internships or other forms of paid or voluntary work,
  7. the purposefulness as well as the planning of postgraduate studies in Greece or abroad.