General Information

The aim of the undergraduate studies at the Department of Informatics is to produce computer scientists with the skills necessary for enabling them to make significant contributions to the development of computing technologies and to become active in all areas of economic and social activity and capable of coping with the rapid technological and scientific developments in the field.

The basic principle of the program is the belief that in order to achieve significant contributions in the field of Informatics it is necessary both to obtain an in-depth knowledge of its core theory and learn also about its various application domains. Thus, a student of the Department must attend, besides courses in Computer Science, also courses in Economics, Administrative Science and Operations Research. This variety of courses gives a special character to the studies provided by the Department.

The normal duration of studies is 8 semesters, and each course is included in one of them. Although the distribution of courses in semesters is indicative, it corresponds to the conditions of normal study, as well as to the sequence of knowledge obtained in various courses. It is recommended that students take the courses by following the suggested sequence. In this manner, burden is equally distributed over the semesters and conflicts between courses in the timetable are avoided.